Two Ways To Reel Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the social networks of the moment. It has recently reached 300 million monthly users, surpassing Twitter, which gives us an idea of ​​the great growth that this network is experiencing. The possibility of sharing images quickly and easily, giving the option of retouching them in a few seconds, is a great attraction for many young people (and not so young) around the world.

If you are a user of this network, it is likely that you have ever seen an image uploaded by another user and that you have wanted to save in your photo reel to share it with your friends later or simply because it really catches your attention and you want to have it stored. Until now, the solution to this was simply to take a screenshot and crop it later to keep only the part of the image. However, there are a few methods to save these images directly to our reel.

Is there really something we can’t currently do via tweak? Many take the jailbreak as a great solution to their problems, and the truth is that it is partly so. In this case, by installing SaveGram. This tweak can be found in the official BigBoss repo in Cydia and will be implemented automatically when you download it, without any additional configuration. The only thing we must do to download the images once inside the Instagram app is to press the ellipsis button, which will display the default action menu, with the exception that now we will find the “Save” button, which will allow us to send that image to the iPhone reel.

At the end of last year, we saw an application appear in the App Store that came to make our lives easier, and for many, it became the best app of the year. Under the name of Workflow, this app allows us to perform a large number of actions or workflows that we can add, create, and modify ourselves. One of them will allow us to perform this function (and many others) without the need to jailbreak our device. To do this, we must perform the following steps.

  • Add to our library the workflow that you can download.
  • Once we have it in our list of actions, we must go to the Instagram application and, using the same button as in the previous case; we will give the option “Copy URL.”
  • Then, we go to the Workflow and execute the action that we have downloaded.

When we do this, we will see that a menu is displayed with different actions and extensions with the options available to perform with the image. If we want to send it to the reel, it will be enough to give “Save Image.”

With these two options, the problem we have when we want to save an image from Instagram is solved. Although it is true that at first, it may seem longer than taking a screenshot and then cropping the resulting image, in the long run, these actions will seem much faster and more intuitive.

Authentication Of Projector Screen And Its Marketing Service Protocol 

Authentication Of Projector Screen And Its Marketing Service Protocol 

The image moves by the projector in the lift projection to the eyes of the viewer, rather than to the front of the show touch screen signage. The use of raising projection for picture shows has many strong preferences and impediments. A big benefit of raising projector screens is that lights can be projected in the room as images are expected and audiences can still see clearly. In Projector screen for retail store/marketing, this might be helpful when people would need to have notes or lock in with the speaker, which is difficult to do when the lights go out.

Best Screen Size For Home Theater | AUN Projector Bangladesh

Analyze screening visualization

It was not long ago that a projection displayed an image on a level surface, for example, a panel or a separator. Today’s projection displays are more advanced and can transform any surface into the color Green Touch Company, symbolism and video or gestures of any surface. The shop managers invite non-traditional surface designers to experiment with projection mapping. Figures on floors, walls, templates and other furniture can be expected. Winkles of the showroom or stage may be translated into displays that cover the entire wrap-around show from the floor to ceiling. The imaginable effects are constrained by the inventiveness of a brand.

Draw consumers into the windows that are convincing

Window displays customer service while going around the shopping center. In the course of the seasons, the substance of the shows would shift from school to Halloween, then in winter. The Projector screen for retail store/marketing the shopping seasons are going faster than ever and shifting windows require time, personnel and print budgets. It’s possible to change your creativity sometimes with projection mapping and computerized displays with reduced costs and shorter processing times. If a bar is lifted for innovative window displays, retailers can quickly try to catch up with the most sophisticated methods.

The Best Outdoor Projectors for 2021 | PCMag

Innovative signage preserves your success

New clients actively look for the newest stock, innovations and discounts. It takes time to print and view signage and can be part of a retailer’s budget. Computerized signage from touchscreens to forecasts improves the way retailers let shoppers know their new offerings and offers. It is easy to stay up to date with daily development, adjust deal points of interest as stock is running moo or provide help when considering target products and/or the shop divisions with computerized signage. Extensive experience deals with innovation while keeping track with the constantly changing consumer participation.

Gain consumers with obvious choices

Customers now work almost automatically with adjacent brands. Facilities-based brands estimate that 86% of US consumers want brands to be environmentally conscious. Distributors consolidate their projectors, encourage processes and prepare programs to destroy superfluous printing. Projectors can help to render processes at the company level and the promotive engine that governs the retail participation greener. Customers need a strong engagement in retail and projection creativity helps brands to demand their customers to engage at the following stages. Study the way your retail meetings are streamlined from ecologically viable decisions to easy-to-change innovative signs and windows. In-store promotion, displays and publicity shift with colors, action, sound and other options to draw on footwear, wow customers and turn shoppers through browsers

Retail Store Marketing For Prime Business Opportunities

Retail Store Marketing For Prime Business Opportunities

Marketing is to make use of various platforms like newspapers, websites, or any form of social media to advertise something. Marketing can be done for anything, a fashion, an issue, an event, or anything else. Proper marketing is very important for making anything a success Chiefway Malaysia. It allows the seller to contact a very large range of audience in one go. Anyone who watches an ad or something on social media, they share it further which leads to a very large population to be engaged in it.

Retail Store Marketing refers to the process through which the product is brought directly to the customer in the retail store. It involves three stages planning, promotion, and presentation of the product to the customer. Retail Store Marketing considers many elements like packaging, pricing, etc.

Retail Store Operations: Execution and Excellence | Openbravo Blog

Principles Of Retail Marketing


  • Product: The very first principle of Retail marketing. For the marketing process to begin, firstly the person should have a product to sell. The product should be well presentable. Anyone cannot present a product without packaging. Beautiful and clean packaging gives an appealing look to the product.
  • Price: The second principle of Retail Store Marketing is Price. This factor is very important to make the customer buy the product. If the prices would be high, it will discourage the customer to buy it. In reverse, if the prices will be low, it will encourage them to try it, but at the same time, too low prices can cause loss to the product owner. So in deciding this element, one has to be very careful and has to find a soft level price that will satisfy the aspirations of the retail store owner as well as the customer.
  • Lean and Mean: How to Improve Retail Operations
  • Place: The third principle of retail marketing is Place. This principle states that the location at which the product has to be supplied has to be decided carefully. This is so because you may have the best product, but if it is out of the range of the customers, it’s all waste. One has to decide where are the target customers for that product located to get maximum profit.
  • Promotion: The third principle of retail marketing is Promotion. This step is probably the most important one. This is the time where the actual interaction with the customer is made. This stage is all about talking to the customers and making them interested, even if they are not, to buy the product. Good promotion requires a deep talent to understand the needs of the customer.



A retailer plays a very important role in selling the product. A retailer is the one who directly interacts with the customers and makes them agree to buy the product at a profitable price. Customer satisfaction is the most crucial factor that a retailer should consider. A retailer is the one who purchases goods from different manufacturers and makes it available to the people locally. A retailer also tells the manufacturer about the likes, dislikes, and desires of the customer. This is the reason why retail marketing is very important for profit.


How is social media management help posting the ads or services?

How is social media management help posting the ads or services?

It helps in the process of creating, publishing, managing the content, and promoting the content
across the social Medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If your company
having social media profiles digital marketing agency Malaysia, then it will be easy to post your updates daily. It also helps you to
engage with the people easily and it will create a new opportunity to reach.

Social Media Importance: 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs to Embrace It
Choosing the right social media platform:
If you want to begin a game plan on this platform, you have to consider what is the best social
media management will suit for your business. Let see some different platform and their
benefits for your business
 Facebook – Facebook has a billion of users who are all come from diverse backgrounds.
Nowadays everyone has an account on the Facebook. This makes it an excellent social
platform for business, online marketing, and digital marketing. This platform helps to
reach the audience easily with simple efforts.
 Instagram – It is one of the best social media channels and everyone likes to use this,
because it is user friendly and it is also having a billion users. It is mostly used by the
younger side of women and male users. This one is used for the business selling process,
and is a platform for fashion, lifestyle, art, and visual based industries.
 Twitter – It has more than a million users across the world. It is most trendy for the news
and updates. This platform is mostly used for to speak about the trending topics of the
industry. It is a pleasant place to share about influences, individuals, etc.

 YouTube – It is the world’s second-largest search engine platform. In this, you can search
and view the result in a form of video, and also you can upload your own idea in the
video format. You can see and get unlimited ideas about the business or any other thing.
 LinkedIn – This platform is used for the youngsters to search for their jobs and they can
also able to upload their resumes. This is a Business to the business brand platform where
you can find, interact and share your ideas with business knowledge people

What Should You Charge for Social Media Marketing in 2018?
Types of social media ads:
If you want to reach the audience quickly, then the advertisement is the best way. With the help
of these, you can earn brand new customers. Nowadays, all the social media networks offering
advertisement options to the people. You don’t need to use the entire social media network, by
using two or three famous platforms can make your business to reach the next level. Let see
some network ad types
 Facebook ads
 Photo ads
 Video ads
 Stories ads
 Carousel ads
 Slideshow ads
 Collections ads
 Messenger ads
 Playable ads
 Instagram ads
 Twitter ads, etc.
Business goals in social media management:
Social media will surely help you to achieve your business goals. Few businesses use this social
media to create awareness about their business brands and some others use this for website
traffic rules and sales. It helps you to create a customer support channel for your customer, it also
creates the engagement for brand and community.

Features to Consider while Buying Leather Laptop Bag Online

Features to Consider while Buying Leather Laptop Bag

Want to buy a laptop bag but getting confused when it is about buying it in leather. If you want to buy lasting leather laptop bag there are few features, which you must consider before making the purchase Rev Interactive. There is a list of features, following which you will definitely get close to your desirable leather bag. Leather bag users all through out the world value these features.


The leather laptop bag has to be hardwearing and long lasting. Genuine leather bags are waterproof so when you are about to make purchase, make sure the material is durable and may be resistant to regular hardship. Usually leather bags are flexible and adaptable under extreme handling conditions. Ensure that stitching and closures are flawless, check the interior lining and make sure that the interior remains dry even under heavy rain, so that your laptop may remain dried up and protected.

How to create privacy in a collaborative office | Design Office ConsultancyResistant to rough handling

When you are carrying your laptop, you must keep it in mind that along with the laptop you are also carrying the cords and cables and other different electronic gears.  Your laptop bag must have to be resilient enough to bear weight; it should be checked out in advance. The bag itself must not be weighty or else it will exert extra pressure on you and interrupt your free movement. So right before purchasing ensure that you don’t feel fatigued while carrying the bag.

Handle and holding strap

Few bags are available where you will find a grip to hold the bag and few bags are there where shoulder strap is provided for trouble free handling. It is not possible to carry the bag with just one grasping handle, it will exert pressure on your fingers and wrist a lot and it is also not feasible for you to keep the bag on the floor. Hence, it is better to have the laptop bag rested upon your shoulder as cozily as possible. The shoulder strap shouldn’t gouge your skin nor it hurt your shoulder muscle. Even when you are wearing one of those heavy winter jackets the bag must rest upon your shoulder as snugly as possible, so right before buying make sure, the straps are long enough and have adaptable hinges. So in a nutshell the bag must suit your body size and type.

Achieving Privacy in the Open Plan Office - Hunt Office InteriorsEasy yet secure

The bag must be built providing adequate security and ease both at a time. The bag should have a safety latch, strong zipper and buckle so that you can keep your laptop safe, from the reach of snatchers, also enjoy the ease of taking out the laptop whenever needed. Your main closure should have a sturdy zipper or latch so if accidently your bag turns upside down the laptop or any other of its accessory must not come face any calamity.

Cozy interior

Based upon your laptop, you must choose the bag which won’t crumple the device, not make it undergo pressure. The padded compartment should be tight enough to hold the laptop comfortably. Shock-absorbing padding is all you need when you are looking for leather laptop bag you have to be conscious and observant.



Meet The Five Best Free Mobiles On The Market

When the time comes to have to renew your mobile terminal, you have great doubts about the model to bet on. There are so many, and each with different characteristics, that choosing the right one can be very difficult. To make this choice easier, the Tecnomari company has compiled a list of the best five free phones on the market. To make this list, technical elements such as the processor, memory, battery, or camera have been taken into account mmc 996.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

In the Galaxy S range of Samsung mobiles is this mobile with a 6.9 ″ Dynamic AMOLED screen, Exynos 990 processor, 128 or 512 GB storage, a 5,000 mAh battery, with ultra-angular 12 MP rear cameras, angular 108 MP, 48 MP telephoto and hybrid optical zoom, all for a very reasonable price.

Huawei P40 Pro

This may be one of the  Huawei phones and the phone with the best camera of this 2020, with rear cameras RYYB sensor 50 MP, ultra-wide-angle 40 MP, telephoto 12 MP and 5x optical zoom. In addition, it has a Kirin 990 processor, a 6.58 ”OLED screen, and a 4,200 mAh capacity fast charge battery.

Oneplus 8 Pro

One of the best bets of the Oneplus brand is this Oneplus 8 Pro, with Fluid AMOLED 6.78 ”screen, Snapdragon 865 processor, internal storage of 128 or 256 GB, rear camera with 48 MP Sony IMX689, 48 MP ultra-wide-angle and Telephoto 8 MP, with a 16 MP front camera, a 4,510 mAh fast charge battery and an amazing price, buying this mobile is safe.

 Xiaomi Mi 10

It has a 6.67 ″ AMOLED FHD + screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, a 4,780 mAh fast-charging battery, 108 MP main rear cameras, 2 MP bokeh, 13 MP wide-angle, 2 MP macro f / 2.4 and a Front of 20 MP, it is without a doubt, along with the Huawei P40 Pro, one of the best options among the Xiaomi phones of the Chinese brand.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

One of the best iPhone phones could not miss on this list, with a Chip A13 Bionic processor, a 6.5 ”Super Retina XDR OLED screen, 12 + 12 + 12 MP wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto rear cameras, double OIS, 2x optical zoom, is undoubtedly one of the best bets for those looking for high-end phones.

Prevent Whatsapp From Saving Images And Videos On Your Reel

If you are still faithful to WhatsApp and carry out your conversations with this tool, it is possible that you have the typical friend who does not stop sending you funny photos and videos, at the moment they may cause you to laugh, but they are stored in your iPhone photo reel and, little by little, leaving you without space for the images that really interest you.

Once we have installed WhatsApp on our iPhone, the application automatically establishes a series of default values, values ​​that, in most cases, are not to our liking, and we are forced to change. One of the most annoying aspects that we find natively on WhatsApp is the automatic saving of videos and photos on our reel.

Surely many of you are in a group of friends, family, associations, school groups … in which a large number of videos and images are shared. 99% of the content that is shared in this group is likely that we are not interested in keeping it; it is still stored on our reel.

Fortunately, WhatsApp allows us to configure the application to disable the automatic saving of images and videos on our reel. This option, which should be natively activated, allows us to select what type of content we want to store on our reel.

Whatsapp’s automatic saving feature not only uses storage space on the device but also uses your mobile data rate. Both are good reasons to limit this option.

The solution is very simple, and if you don’t end up liking it, you can always accept the saving of these steps again.

Turn off automatically saving photos and videos on the iPhone.

First of all, before performing this action, we must bear in mind that disabling the automatic saving of photos and videos on the iPhone does affect not only groups but also the conversations we have with other people, whether with our father, mother, couple, son, friend.

If we want to prevent our terminal from being flooded with photos and videos of the nonsense that is shared in the WhatsApp groups where we are, we must carry out the following steps:

  • First of all, once we have opened WhatsApp, we go to the Settings option, located in the lower right corner of the application.
  • Then click on Chats
  • Within the Chats menu, we have at our disposal different options. Of all the available ones, we must deactivate the Save in Photos switch.

In this way, once we have deactivated this switch, all the photos and videos that you send us will not be automatically stored on our reel.

How to save WhatsApp photos in another folder

iOS, unlike Android, puts in each bag each and every one of the images that end up on the reel of our device, something that can be good or bad depending on the use we make of our terminal and whether we like having or not well-ordered photographs.

While on Android, WhatsApp photos and videos are stored in the WhatsApp folder, on iOS all images are stored in the same folder, the only option to be able to differentiate them from the rest is to use the album with the WhatsApp name that automatically creates the application when we install it.